Hemp oil and seeds

Did you know that a few centuries ago, when America’s first settlers cultivated the rich and fertile lands of the eastern United States, many farmers were forced by law to grow hemp? Do you want to know why? Thanks to that, products like hemp oil are so popular today.

In contrast, hemp contains less than 0.03% THC, so it does not produce the same effects in the body. Hemp stands out, however, because of its high cannabidiol content (CBD), which can have certain health benefits.

The uses of hemp

The hemp plant is not only nutritious, but its fibres can also be used in the construction and textile industry to create rope, paper or even clothing. That’s why it was a very important crop for the first colonizers of America.

Today, however, hemp is not very well known or cultivated either in America or in Europe. This is partly due to hemp reputation, but also to the complex laws surrounding this plant. What was encouraged in the past may be illegal today, as in many countries a licence is required to grow hemp seeds.

Despite the difficulties, there is a large market for hemp products, including hemp seed and hemp oil. And no wonder because of the great nutritional benefits of this plant. In this article we will tell you what the five most important benefits of hemp are and explain why you should take hemp oil as a dietary supplement.

Brief history of hemp seeds and their uses

Actually, hemp seeds are not very different from each other. In terms of nutritional benefits, there is no real difference between a hemp seed and a hemp seed. In fact, in some countries it is legal to have hemp seeds of any variety, but it is not legal to grow any hemp plant unless you have a licence that is normally only granted for growing hemp.

The great similarity between the seeds is due to the fact that cannabinoids are not present in the seed, but develop on the stem, flowers and leaves of the plant. In other words, the seeds contain neither CBD nor THC nor any other cannabinoids.

Despite this lack of cannabinoids, hemp seeds have a variety of nutritional health benefits. They contain many essential fatty acids and proteins, making them a great plant food.

That’s why hemp seeds are sold in many stores in the form of both whole and peeled seeds, known as hemp hearts. They are classified as a dietary supplement and can be added to a wide variety of foods or smoothies.

In addition to buying the whole seeds for inclusion in your breakfast, you can also buy hemp seed oil, which is obtained by cold-pressing hemp seeds and provides the same nutritional benefits as hemp.

Let’s give you five reasons why you should include hemp seeds and hemp seed oil in your diet. You decide which product to use.

Hemp seeds are rich in easily digestible natural proteins

Vegetable proteins are becoming increasingly popular because of the rise of veganism. But even if you’re not a vegan, you should probably eat more vegetable protein than you do. Not only are they better for the environment (farming produces a significant amount of greenhouse gases), but plant proteins are also healthier and easier for the body to digest.

In fact, a study from Massachusetts General Hospital in the US reviewed the records of more than 130,000 people over a 30-year period and found that people who didn’t eat animal protein had “substantially lower death rates than people who ate meat,” and that each 3% increase in plant protein intake reduced the risk of death by 10%.

Hemp seeds are one of the best sources of vegetable protein, which is why they are still used as animal feed and are becoming so popular with sports fans.

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