Replacement Air Conditioning

It is not unusual to discover bundle and also split system a/c devices in the Phoenix az market that have actually remained in usage given that the 1970’s or 1980’s. Because the ordinary life expectancy of this kind of a/c tool is around twelve to fifteen years, it is high time to retire several of these worn-out old workhorses.

An added benefit when you replace older cooling systems can be a considerable increase in power efficiency going along with a reduction in energy costs. The amount of conversation we have actually been listening to in the news lately prompts all of us to be environment-friendly and also save power that is most likely not most likely to be an unwanted repercussion.

Together with the good news of power savings, there are additionally some factors to consider that the proficient air conditioning service provider will make you familiar with when it is time to change older tools. I want to share a few of them with you. Initially allow’s discuss split system heat pump and then briefly cover things that prevail to both plan units and also split systems.

As SEER (Seasonal Energy Performance Ratio) rankings for brand-new cooling equipment have enhanced, cooling and heating industry methods that have been low in the past will no more serve. One of those unacceptable methods took place whenever split system heat pump condensing units were replaced. The common practice in the past was to replace the heat pump condensing unit without first validating that the new condensing device worked with the old air trainer. A number of problems may occur whenever there is an inequality between the condenser as well as the indoor air handler.

The initial trouble is the decreased effectiveness that will result from replacing an older condensing device without changing the air handler at the same time. The factor for this is that a/c producers do not price current version heat pump condensing devices with “antique” air handlers that are twenty years old. To attain the published SEER, a heat pump condensing device has to be matched with an indoor air handler or follower coil system that it has been ranked with. To put it simply, if you install a brand-new 13 SEER condensing unit with an old 8 or 9 SEER air handler, the actual performance achieved will be less than 13 SEER.

A 2nd concern that exists can be inequality of the inner coil volumes between an older air handler and also a more recent condensing system. As minimal SEER mandates have actually required increased performances throughout the years, producers have made improvements to both the interior and also outdoor coils in order to raise heat transfer performances.

More recent condensing devices may have a different inner coil quantity than several of their antique counterparts. If a brand-new heat pump condensing system is installed on an old air handler it might result in improper operation in either the home heating or the cooling mode that will call for seasonal cooling agent charge changes as well as unnecessarily enhance solution expenses. It can additionally add to system integrity issues.

A 3rd problem we are all facing is the difference in the characteristics of the cooling agents and compressor lubricants that are being made use of in the brand-new systems. Because new cooling devices utilizing R22 cooling agents can not be made after 2010, the leading manufacturers have currently begun making more recent high-efficiency versions making use of R410a cooling agent and polyolester (POE) oils.

The new refrigerant has residential or commercial properties that are really various than the R22 that has actually been the key cooling agent for split systems and also package air conditioning systems for decades. Simply put, R410a is not suitable with the cooling agent circulation control gadgets in the older air handlers that were made for R22. Even if the circulation control device could be changed, there may also be problems that might establish gradually if the original mineral oils are not appropriately cleaned from the system.

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