CBD and smiling with eyes

Never mind the mouthpiece. SMILE!

A sedentary lifestyle, fast food, fast fashion, fast love, fast sex, fast technology, everything around us makes us run in circles. It’s like a bubble that’s constantly inflating.

Are you in or out of the bubble? What do you feel?
I feel like I’m inside this bubble and I’ve decided to burst it.


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We’re going through some strange times in our lives. Take a closer look. Don’t you think we’ve calmed down in many ways?! I’d like to share a little incident that has upset me.

For a long, long time, I used to think I was a happy, simple person. I also assumed that I have a very nice personality, always wanting to spread smiles and happiness to the people around me.

A couple of weeks ago, my friend was recording a video of me at home doing work, making and answering calls, talking to family members, just random nonsense, and so on. At the end of the day, I sat down to watch the silly video. When I first saw it, I laughed and giggled along with my friend who had captured the video. Then, for some reason, I played it back several times and tried to observe my body language, facial expressions when talking to someone, walking style, etc.

This time, I realized that something is really wrong with me. I felt that I was not the person I thought I was, my inner and outer personality seemed to be contradictory! I seemed to see myself as a rigid person in the video.

I was sleepless, worried, thoughtful all day, puzzled with myself, that something had to change in me, and what is it? I became even more curious and desperate to find the answer.

The next day, as always after a long day’s work, I decided to take a walk to the nearby grocery store to buy some necessities. I put on a mask (according to the new public mandate). While I was queuing for check-in, an older woman passed me and a package slipped out of her hand. Out of respect for her, I instantly picked it up off the floor and handed it to the older woman. She thanked me and said something. I smiled at her, (remember I’m wearing my mask). She took a few steps, turned around and thanked me once again. I didn’t quite understand why she had to thank me again. But I smiled and nodded.

I settled down on the couch with my usual nightly routine of a cup of hot green tea with a few drops of CBD oil, while remembering the incident that occurred in the store, still thinking about why the old lady thanked me twice. My face with the mask on the mirror lit up immediately. Oh! Wow!

Even though I smiled, the old lady perhaps couldn’t understand that I was smiling or that I wasn’t smiling enough. My smile was hidden behind my mask. I still had it on! At that moment I realized that maybe I didn’t smile enough.

Interesting facts about smiling with your eyes

“Duchenne’s smile” known as the smile with the eyes, is named after the 19th century French neuro-medical doctor Duchenne who specialized in the physiology of human facial expressions. Duchenne emphasized the importance of genuinely smiling with the eyes and criticized the fake smile or the Botox smile.

Look at the smile of the guy in the picture, his cheeks are raised and the formation of crow’s feet around his eyes – this is a Duchenne smile!

Duchenne used electrical probes to trigger the muscle contractions and recorded them with the help of a camera to capture the expressions.

Duchenne’s research on human facial expressions has given mankind rich references and the value of a smile. He studied how facial muscles contract and contract to produce various expressions and believed that this was directly linked to the soul of a person – the experimental methods he followed also seem very interesting!

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